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11 January 2013 @ 12:06 pm
I'm heading over to a new space. Pehaps I'm losing the novelty of placing my thoughts in sentences, or perhaps it was that one failure in acheiving my desire that has caused me to search for new grounds to establish my dream from step one. There are my reasons I could possibly regurgitate but who I am right now, wants to start afresh. The end of my age number with one at the front, coupled with the starting of the twenties has created a few changes in me. icutmyhairdyedmyhairwentforinterviewsgotajobatmyfavouriteshopplanningatripsearchforlosttimeswithgoodoldfriends but whatever it is, you could always head over to http://flu-shed.blogspot.com if you are feeling like a cat, curious of the emotional and physical state I am currently held other.

xx, livejournal, so long, farewell.
06 January 2013 @ 03:26 am

Black and blue
my wounded skin against your careless handling
raw from the touch just a few hours ago

Blue was the colour of my heart
for inner peace won me over
as I cynically allowed it to creep into my chest
and thought: I've won.

Flashing lights I mistook for a streetlamp
wailed through the silent street
Not too long, I was carried, raised and
Not too long later, I was flying.
Into the arms of an angel.
I told myself: I won.

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02 January 2013 @ 11:19 am
does it or does it not fascinate you the tremendous amount of pressure first days always have?
30 December 2012 @ 12:47 pm

I'm back.

I went on a trip on the 8th this very month, full of exuberance but at the same time, with a sulky relationship with my family, particularly, with my little sister. The first few days were difficult, not in a sense of utter despair, I would rather catch the next plane back to my homeland, but rather, an emotional disappointment of my failure to get myself psyched and repair any broken relationship I have with my family members. Just in case you were wondering if I had a major quarrel with anyone in the family, I didn't had anything of those sort. However, there was something magical being in a different environment. It felt as though all the forces on Earth were cooperating to make this trip the best trip in years, to forge bonds that were resistant to the little devils that lurk around the corners. For a conservative, this trip would have been one hard to stomach but for a liberal, this trip that likens itself to a gypsy, it would be a conversation starter even after 10 years.
It's difficult to express the many extremes I felt going on this trip and as much as I shrieked in excitment of the countless activities and little finds I got on the trip, what mattered the most to me was the kindness of the people living there. I am in no way a suitable candidate of miss universe, I don't have an answer when question one thing I wish the most for " I wish for world peace " but recounting the numerous help we received, what more could I say. It's a pity I don't remember their names anymore so all I can do is personally type it here and honour their deeds
  1. A Christian man who towed our mini bus from the trench it drove into
  2. A golden haired mother of two who search for help
  3. A brunette with an European accent who helped us with wooden planks
  4. A blonde woman who gave us two parking dollars when we first arrived
There are so many more I could say about this trip and it is hard to pen words to paper for a trip that long so I'll just express my thoughts on that one experience that marvelled me the most.

Perhaps for a city dweller like me, I could easily name white water rafting, flying fox or even picking strawberries to be a memorable, worthy of a write up. Yet, what captured my attention, provided me for a once in a life time experience was simply a seat right in front of the ocean. It was a 2 hour experience, the waiting, the shivering under 10 degree weather condition with less than well equipped clothing just to see little penguins of 30 cm height waddling up the shores to get their belly of fishes back to their babies. This whole experience was adorned with the pink shades of the sky and watching the waves of the colour blue that is seemily lacking in the waters from where I come from. One thought that came up to me that very day: I want to visit this place with my lover.

P.S I was in an ecstasy liked daze, I got myself a 30 cm penguin soft toy that was a pain to the pocket of my uncle. Holy, what was I thinking but yes, I gave it another name, Ted.

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28 December 2012 @ 08:47 am

This is a really late Christmas post but nonetheless, I'm back from my trip and I can't wait to share what I experienced when I was in Aussie.
It has been barely 4 days since I came back and everything around the house has been in a mess. The preparation for a Christmas party and what-nots. I spent Christmas packing my room and sorting out gifts, making cards that was different from last year but it has always been spending it with family first. Not to forget, celebration with my clique comes next and this year, we had a sleepover at ky's. It was plenty of fun and lazing around, munching on soon to be a blob of jelly around my waist. I am glad her family was tolerant of the noise and yes, the neighbours too.
Hope anyone reading this had a jolly Christmas Day! xx

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